Food Access Focus Area Network (FAN)

Focus areas are the categories of activity Imagine Forsyth uses to organize and prioritize the collective work in our neighborhoods. Focus areas are measured using community indicators; this data allows us to prioritize, align, and track progress on future collaborative action.

Food Access

Food Access describes the ability of residents to get the food they need to thrive each day. Food access is not equal across all of Forsyth County’s neighborhoods; some neighborhoods face significant barriers to food access.

Major factors that affect a neighborhood’s access to food:

What is a Focus Area Network (FAN)?

Focus Area Networks (FANs) are groups that are focused on improving community outcomes within a particular focus area. FAN membership is usually comprised of community leaders, subject matter experts, organizational staff, practitioners, community members, and resident representatives who work together to implement and carry out Imagine Forsyth’s organization-level work. Learn More

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